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The Testimony of the Lord is Sure, Making Wise the Simple

God's Word in Your Heart and Your Hands
By Zach Dietrich

A few months ago, I participated in a training event for a multicultural ministry. One of my takeaways was the fact other cultures have a visibly higher reverence for God’s word. Easy and cheap access to Bibles often makes us more casual than other cultures when it comes to how we treat Bibles.

“Treat your Bibles well,” they reminded us. “For example, don’t place other books on top of them. And absolutely do not place them on the ground!”

When we finally welcomed multicultural ministry into our church building, I ironically had to lead our guests by our lost and found. Full of Bibles. On the ground.

Do we practice reverence for the word of God in our homes and before our children? I was humbled recently as I sat in a service and realized the inconsistency of my own family. It wasn’t where the Bibles were. It was where they were not.

As I sat listening with my Bible open on my lap and my study notes on my phone, I looked over at my empty-handed children and immediately thought, “I’ve failed my children!” Over time, I’ve slipped away from leading my children to discover truth directly from God’s word.

Children don’t need to grow up in order to read their own Bibles. Psalm 119:130 says children can understand the word.

““The revelation of your words brings light and gives understanding to the inexperienced”.

— Psalm 119:130

The unfolding of God’s word – that is, understanding that brings change – isn’t for some seminary class or highly intelligent Christians. It’s for all ages who humbly want to learn.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.” The promises of God are not too big for little children. If we believe that, then let’s help them bring their Bibles to church, open their Bibles during the service, and discover eternal truths for themselves.

As I thought about re-establishing the priority of my children bringing their Bibles to Sunday services, it naturally led to some practical questions.

For example, what Bible should I offer them? Our church preaches from the CSB, a wonderfully readable translation. Many children’s Bible memory curriculums use the ESV, also a faithful translation but with a high reading level. Either of those are great options. And, there are also quality children’s Bibles, like the NIRV.

Where can you find Bibles? Our Resource Center, the Faith Bookstore in Ankeny, and Westminster Bookstore are all great options for buying Bibles.

And finally, d
on’t forget to write your child’s name in their Bible. Some of them are going to make a lot of trips to the lost and found. But, I’m okay with a lost and found of children’s Bibles if it means more kids learning and loving God’s word.

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