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Soteria Staff Shares

What your pastors are reading, listening to, and discussing right now

GOING BROKE ON WOKE: The shift in Disney

This is a good article from Albert Mohler about the shift in Disney and what we should be watching out for as believers. – Mike

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: 40 random pieces of advice for the Christian life

I resonated with a lot of these “proverbs.” I read some and thought, “Yeah, I’ve done that too.” I read others and thought, “Uhh, opportunity for improvement?” – Cody

STRANGE NEW WORLD: How thinkers and activists redefined identity and sparked the sexual revolution

I’ve mentioned Carl Trueman’s important book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self several times in the past year. But it’s a long, challenging read. I just learned that Trueman wrote a shorter version (yet different enough that I’ll read it too) called Strange New World. Albert Mohler chatted with Trueman on his podcast, “Thinking in Public.” – Zach

PRAYING FOR SOTERIA: Specific and biblical requests

These articles by Kevin DeYoung and Jonathan Leeman have guided me in praying specifically and biblically for our church. I hope they’re a help to you. – Jared

THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT: News that keeps you grounded

This podcast from World News Group is a great resource for news that helps keep people grounded. – Mike

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION: Why we are so anxious about our character

This article runs so profoundly counter to our impulses. – Cody

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