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What your pastors are reading, listening to, and discussing right now


Sovereign Grace Kids
Pastor Mike mentioned it in his most recent sermon. The album The Ology by Sovereign Grace Kids is a great resource that connects to our summer sermon series. Some of the songs have been a big hit at VBS over the years, and we are going to sing quite a few of them in the upcoming weeks!


Here are a few books from my bookshelf this month. How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers by Andrew Naselli offers great advice for seasoned and new readers. It may seem like a waste of time to read a book about reading, but it’s not! I also just finished Jonathan Edwards on the Christian Life by Ortlund. I’ve read multiple books in this series (Newton, Luther, Lewis, etc). and have enjoyed each one of them. Summer is a great time for biography. In the mornings, I often read a short chapter from A Loving Life by Paul Miller. Miller writes a beautiful meditation on love and loss from the book of Ruth. For fiction, I’m reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin. My kids had to read this American classic for school, but I never have. And some Agatha Christie! Reading what you want to read fuels reading what you want to want to read. Something to think about.


Working through the major doctrines this summer in The Land of Ology brought to mind one of my favorite albums on the Attributes of God. It is by a rapper named Shai Linne. My personal favorites are The Jealous One and The Lord of Patience.

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