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Soteria Staff Shares

What your pastors are reading, listening to, and discussing right now

“ABSOLUTE ANARCHY”: Why our view of the authority, inspiration of the Word matters

This is a great article on the Andy Stanley controversy. It shows that his recent (now-deleted) tweet is not an isolated incident but a pattern of undermining the Scriptures. – Mike

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Bible Project book overviews

Coupled with the commitment to expository preaching (verse by verse, book by book), I like the 8-10 minute overview videos of each book of the Bible as a way of reminding myself all of Scripture points to Jesus Christ. I guarantee you will learn something about each Bible book you didn’t know before! “ReadScripture” is the cool mobile app you can use to watch these videos too. – Monty

Watch Bible Project Overview videos

CHRISTIAN COMPASSION: Why I’ve gone soft on welfare

An interesting look at America’s willingness or unwillingness to put the needs of others before their own. – Cody

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PROJECTING EXPECTATIONS: How do we counsel those who suffer?

Regardless of how we interpret and respond to our own suffering, we can project those same expectations onto other people in their suffering. I should be able to go without saying this, but I must: projecting our own response to pain on someone else’s suffering can cause a great amount of hurt to the sufferer. Whether we ignore pain or exalt pain, we are called to patiently care for the hurting, weep with the weeping, and encourage the weary. – Josh

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