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Capital Campaign: Building Beyond Walls

Soteria Legacy Open House

For 60+

Soteria Seniors – Now is the time to dust off your photo books, and take your old hymnals off the shelves. This church has a history and we want to tell it! 

What we need: Anything relating to the history and life of this church—pictures, film reels, videos, printed materials, newspaper clippings, sermon notes, etc. We will also have recording equipment available to capture any memories you’d like to share.

When to bring them: Sunday April 14 from 11:00am-1:00pm

Where to go: We will be serving refreshments and digitizing memories in Room 106.

Our team will scan, photograph, or record anything you bring so that we have a lasting record of it, and we will use what you provide in upcoming videos and archival projects.

Thank you for helping us tell the history of this church!

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