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7 Day Challenge (to be continued)

Two weeks ago Pastor Mike issued a 7-Day Challenge. The goal was to spend time reading the Bible for seven days straight. We want to help you continue to make God’s Word a part of your life, so Pastor Josh designed a 63-Day Bible Reading Chart.  You may notice there are no checkboxes. That is intentional because Bible reading was never meant to be a task we check off our to-do lists. Instead, meditating on God’s word is the primary means by which we grow in our relationship with Jesus. I can imagine your spouse wouldn’t be very pleased if half-way through your next date together you took out a notebook, checked a box indicating that you “went on a date,” and then headed to the car. But, it’s easy for us to have a similar mentality when it comes to spending time in God’s Word — too often we miss the point entirely.

However, just like every other relationship, our relationship with Jesus takes work and intentionality. No relationship ever coasts towards greater depth. The point of this chart is to help you develop the habit of reading your Bible while avoiding the checkbox mentality. The goal is to connect your heart to the Word as often as possible — to inculcate the Word of God into your life. Draw a line (on the chart) to connect the Bible and heart each day you spend reading. If you miss a day, no worries. Dates are not included so you won’t need to play “catch-up.” We hope you enjoy!

Stop by the Connect Desk and grab a 63-Day Bible Reading Chart. We will have different sizes including a 63-Day Bible Reading Chart (full-sheet), a 3-week Reading Chart (half-sheet), and a 63-Day Bible Reading Chart (poster size). Or if you prefer, you can simply download the PDF for yourself using the links below.

63 Day Bible Reading Chart (Full-Sheet)

3 Week Reading Chart (Half-Sheet)

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