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Remembering the Savior

Celebrating Easter with New Stories
By Jeremy Mead

Easter is fast approaching. Perhaps you celebrate the time with some fun Easter baskets or a good Easter egg hunt. Maybe new flowers or decorations fill your home. Through it all though, we all work to keep Christ in the forefront. Remind your children this year with some great books that help explain the need for our Savior.

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Starting in the Garden of Eden, this book shows why the cross was needed and connects all the key ideas of sin, separation and the Savior. Part of the Tales That Tell the Truth series, it comes as a picture book or board book.

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $11 (picture), $7 (board)

God's Very Good Idea

God’s Very Good Idea shows God’s plan for Creation and redemption – the good idea. While Creation is cursed, God has an idea of how it will be better again. A good resource to help parents explain the reason for a Savior. Available as a picture book or board book.

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $11 (picture), $7 (board)

The Friend Who Forgives devotional

Based on The Friend Who Forgives picture book, this devotional is a good lead up to Easter. Meant for upper elementary students, this approachable two-week devotional guides the reader through Peter’s life and shows Christ through Peter’s interactions.

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $7

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