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Six books for digging deeper in Genesis

After nearly 20 sermons from the first two chapters of Genesis, you might wonder, “What else is there to talk about?” But, we’ve barely scratched the surface. With so much to unpack and learn, I wanted to share some books from the Soteria Bookstore that will help you explore in more depth the topics presented in past weeks.

The Things of Earth

Joe Rigney’s book talks about how we can enjoy God’s creation as a gift. We don’t have to ignore it or neglect the enjoyment of it and neither do we neglect our work. The sub-title summarizes it well: “Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts.” 

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $13.50

A Different Shade of Green

The topics of global warming, fossil fuels, and humanity’s effect on the planet are very public. Gordon Wilson presents a biblical understanding and helps Christians understand the truth of how we should care for the earth. 

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $12

The Rest of God

God gave us the Sabbath and in the sermons “What’s the Relationship Between the Garden and Work?,” Pastor Mike discussed the need for a Sabbath. Mark Buchanan delves into the topic and discusses how important it is. 

Available to order, $12

Counter Culture & Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl

At the beginning of the Genesis series, the question “What’s the Relationship Between God and Worldview?” set the tone for the importance of Genesis. These books help unpack the ideas more so you can be equipped to defend your faith.

Available in the Soteria Bookstore, $12 each

The New Answers Book

From Answers in Genesis, this book answers common questions about creation, dinosaurs, the flood and more from a Christian worldview. Helping answer the sermon question “What’s the Relationship between God and Billions of Years?,” these books help address common questions in quick, easy-to-read sections. Available for both adults and children. 

Available to order (adults), $9; available in the Soteria Bookstore, (children) $5

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