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Psalm 124: If It Had Not Been the Lord

Supper Table Psalms
By Zach Dietrich

This spring, Pastor Zach began a new series of short family devotions that you can read along with Soteria’s psalm of the month. The Dietrich family calls them Supper Table Psalms because they just so happen to read psalms at suppertime. But, each family is different. Whether it’s in the morning at breakfast or in the evening at suppertime, during family time in the living room or before lights out at bedtime, make moments to read God’s word together. As we consider May’s psalm ​​– Psalm 124 ​​– read it one more time with your family and consider where our help comes from.

Perched upon the branch is a songbird eyeing the ground below for a scrumptious snack. But, look out! Lurking in the shadows is a hungry predator also looking for a meal – a tasty bird. The bird launches, the predator crouches, and…

Nature documentaries are full of predator and prey scenes. Bird versus snake. Gazelle versus lion. The list goes on. These shows let us experience the conflicts in nature worldwide. Does your heart race when a thousand-ton wave crashes against rocks or when the bird wriggles free from would-be jaws of death?

I think psalms are often like nature documentaries. Psalms don’t only tell us about truth – they let us experience it. Have you noticed how psalms use our imagination? Psalms talk about mountains, eagles, rivers, and deer. Psalms like Psalm 124 let us experience truth like a nature documentary. So, we should read psalms with our imagination.

Read Psalm 124 together now, and ask these questions. What do you picture? What do you feel? What conflicts do you experience?

Psalm 124 is a song thanking God for deliverance. Surrounding enemies threatened to swallow up God’s people like a flood, but blessed be God who had not given them up! Our help is in the name of the Lord.

Those who trust in Jesus have experienced an even greater rescue than any nature documentary has filmed. The flood of sin has overwhelmed us and the teeth of sin have sunk in. If it had not been for the Lord, we would be destroyed. But, because of Jesus, the snare is broken. Our help is in the name of the Lord!

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