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Delighting in the Truth

Scripture resources to help you love God’s Word
By Zach Dietrich

Psalm 119 is all about delighting in God’s Word, and it’s my prayer that we would continue to grow in our love for the Bible more and more as a church family. Now that we are more than halfway through our sermon series on Psalm 119, I wanted to share some of my favorite resources that help me hear and love the word of God. I’ve used these resources anywhere from occasionally to very often over the last several years, and they’ve proved invaluable in helping me deepen my love for the Bible.

Scripture Songs

Music has the power to fuse together truth, memory, and emotions, and helps us engage more deeply with God’s Word. Scripture songs, especially psalms, ought to be the songs running through our heart. Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence of Scripture set to music, and I’m thankful for the musicians who are writing both Scripture-inspired music and Scripture that is set to music.

Of all the Scriptureful music that I’ve found, I return to The Corner Room the most. The Corner Room sets entire passages of Scripture to music, and they have two albums of entire psalms set to music as well as other passages. Turn up the volume and put their albums on repeat.

It’s worth pointing out that The Corner Room also has a delightful children’s album, “Remember and Proclaim: Scripture Songs for Little Ones.” If you’re an adult who wishes your memories still worked like when you were a child, you can use children’s tools to memorize!

Slugs and Bugs is a favorite of my younger kids. They’ve now released four volumes of “Sing the Bible”, and their songs range from downright goofy to beautiful. Play this album once, and your kids will ask for their music. Parents, kids’ music may not be your thing, but play it anyway. Give your kids the gift of Scriptureful music.

Audio Bibles

The Dwell App is a phenomenal audio Bible resource. Even though it’s not cheap ($30 per year), it has been worth it for me and it’s the audio resource I use the most right now. I will often put a chapter or small section on repeat and listen over and over again. Dwell has multiple versions and multiple readers for each version. You can include music under the reading or adjust the speed, and they’ve recently added a helpful read along feature to help you go even deeper.

The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People condenses the story of Scripture into 31 chapters. It fully tells many stories from the Bible, and briefly summarizes others. The audiobook is dramatized with various readers and a soundtrack.

Fighter Verses provides many print and digital resources for Scripture memorization, including Scripture memory plans, devotionals, quiz tools, and even music to help you hide God’s word in your heart.

It may not be for everyone, but fans of hip hop should check out The Streetlights Bible. Over the last several years, this ministry has recorded readings of the whole New Testament and a growing list of Old Testament passages. It’s easier to experience than explain, so check them out.

And of course, don’t forget the Soteria app! Our church app has a Bible reading plan built into it. It contains both a monthly family psalm and a Bible reading plan that relates to our current sermon series.

As we continue to learn how to fight to delight in God’s Word, I pray that these tools can help you grow in your love for the Bible.

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