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2023 Bible Reading Plan

As a church that is committed to God’s word, it only makes sense that we would commit to actually reading it, right? But we don’t just want to read God’s word, we want to be transformed by it. We want to take reading a step further.

So what would happen if instead of just reading passages of scripture individually, we all read the same scriptures TOGETHER?

Well, that would be a game-changer. We would have built-in accountability because we are all on the same plan. We could share what God was teaching us in a particular passage and know that the other person might have another perspective to share. We would be more unified as a church. We would love Christ more.

The Plan

The Soteria Reading Plan is available in two forms (analog and digital):

  1. The SoteriaDSM app. Simply download it from your favorite app store and use the Read feature to access the reading plan each day.

  2. A printable calendar. Each month, download and print the calendar for that month and tape it to the fridge, your bathroom mirror, or maybe your desk.

The first part of the plan is the grand narrative of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

How do I do this?

Just read! Each month there will be a Psalm of the Month (aka The Family Psalm) that should be read out-loud with the members of your household. For extra credit, the rest of the passages in the plan can be read out-loud too!

You’ll also notice in the printable calendar that we’ve included a scripture memory prompt. Add this to your daily reading and practice repeating the memory verse 10 times out-loud each day. You can also try flash cards or any of the other helpful techniques Pastor Zach wrote about.

Still don’t have enough to read? Our staff compiled a list of recommended reading for 2023.

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