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12 Books to Read in 2022

Curated by Pastor Mike and Pastor Zach

If you’re seeking to grow your mind and soul in the upcoming year, reading can be a great place to start. While nothing replaces God’s ultimate wisdom in the Bible, there are hundreds of theologically sound books that can help aid us in our walk with Christ. Read on to find out our top 12 books for 2022!

  1. Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl, N.D. Wilson (Mike)
    Easy-to-read apologetic book on God’s existence. Accessible to teens and adults alike.

  2. Delighting in the Trinity, Reeves (Mike)
    It is both theological and devotional. Plunge the depths of the Trinity while simultaneously growing in your relationship to the Lord.

  3. The Wingfeather Saga, Peterson (Mike)
    This is actually 4 books. It’s written for teens, but is a wonderful adventure novel series. The first two books are available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center.

  4. 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You, Reinke (Mike)
    I’ve thought back on this book many times. It’s both helpful and convicting at the same time. This book is available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center. 

  5. The End, Hitchcock (Mike)
    The size of the book will intimidate you, but if you want a single-volume book that explains the end-times sequence, this is your book! 

  6. The Gospel Primer, Vincent (Mike)
    This gives daily readings to help ground you in the truth of the gospel.  

  7. Conscience, Naselli (Zach)
    The role of the conscience has been a subject I have been interested in for sometime. I plan to read this with some friends. This book is available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center. 

  8. Gentle and Lowly, Ortlund (Zach)
    It was a 2020 favorite for many authors. I read it last year and understand why it is so popular. Ortlund helps us meditate on the heart of Christ for his children. This book is available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center. 

  9. The Chronicles Of Narnia, CS Lewis (Zach)
    It’s nearly a conviction of mine that every child ought to grow up in Narnia! I usually read a couple to my kids during the year. Plus every book list needs something by Lewis. Book 2 is available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center.

  10. The Rise and the Triumph of the Modern Self, Trueman (Zach)
    It was probably the hardest and most beneficial book that I read last year. Truman shows the last 150 years of thought and how it led to the insanity of a society that can say, “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

  11. Instructing a Child’s Heart, Tripp (Zach)
    I reread this parenting book last year and I’m always humbled by it.  

  12. Together Through the Storms, Walton (Zach)
    Sarah’s other writings have been a comfort to my wife in the midst of sickness. This marriage book specifically addresses the challenges in marriages in the midst of sickness and suffering.


  13. Why Children Matter, Wilson (Zach)

  14. Fault Lines, Baucham (Mike)
    Great perspective on Critical Race Theory and BLM. This book is available for purchase in the Soteria Resource Center. 

How to Read

Building a reading habit takes dedication, but a few intentional steps can help you incorporate reading into your everyday routine. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Read with your spouse.

  • Gather a group of friends and meet regularly to discuss what you’re learning from the book.

  • Set a regular time in your day to read, such as before your kids wake up or right before you go to sleep.

  • Read in small, bite-sized time chunks. Even 15 minutes a day will help you make progress!

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