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Capital Campaign: Building Beyond Walls

Three Weeks to Pray / Three Ways to Pray

By: Zach Dietrich

We are three weeks from Celebration Sunday. We want to be a church that looks back and loudly proclaims, “God did that!”  What better way than to saturate the next three weeks with big prayers for the glory of God? Big prayers don’t have to be long prayers. Here are three simple ways to pray.

1.  Pray for Building Beyond Walls. Spend five minutes a day and either use the print or audio guide to pray for our campaign. What if our church spent five minutes a day for the next three weeks praying for our campaign? What if we all prayed for the same God-glorifying requests for our church? I imagine we will be able to say even more in the coming months and years, “God did that!” 

We’ve prepared a simple Building Beyond Walls prayer guide that combines short Scripture readings and simple prayers. We’ve also started a new podcast, Loving God’s Presence, to guide you. You can subscribe to Loving God’s Presence through major podcast providers. Apple Podcasts / Amazon / iHeartRadio 


2. Be a part of our 24 Hours of Prayer. Celebration Sunday is May 19. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enter that day already having prayed? So we’re calling for 24 hours of prayer leading up to our service. Would you consider signing up for a 15-minute slot? You can pray alone or pray as a family. You can pray at home or even pray around Soteria.


3. Join the National Day of Prayer. Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. Consider joining others in praying for leaders in our country. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 urges that prayers be offered for leaders at all levels. Not just leaders we agree with. Not just the big names. Would you spend time praying for potentially overlooked leaders whether they be in school systems, law enforcement, military, or local government? 

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