SPRING Classes: MARCH 6- May 8

TIME: 6:45PM to 8:00PM

Soteria University is our adult education program that explores the Bible and Christianity on a deeper level. Soteria University offers classes on books of the Bible and a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, apologetics, finances, and more.

At the heart of Soteria University are core modules that cover theology, Bible survey, Bible study, and personal ministry. Core modules are modeled after the first year of a Bible college degree and allow students to dig deeper by offering optional reading, homework, and a certificate for completion. Core modules are offered on a three-year rotating basis.


Bible Stories for Big Kids - Pastor Zach (Room 101)

Whether nine years old or ninety, everyone loves a story! We love stories because we love the emotions, the mystery, and the excitement. Who doesn’t love being swept away into an ancient time of giants and swords? Of chariots, Pharaohs, and miracles? We secretly picture ourselves as the underdog who overcomes insurmountable odds.  But do we really understand the Old Testament stories? In Bible Stories For Big Kids, Pastor Zach will teach the methods for properly interpreting Old Testament stories and teach a new passage each week.

Getting to the Heart of Parenting - Scott & Lori Ward (Room 102)

Parenting is all about the exposure and change of the child's heart. When the heart of a child changes the behavioral change that is needed will last. Learn how to be an instrument of heart-changing grace in this Paul Tripp video series.

The Pre-Marital Marital Class - Pastor Trent & Lydia Hol (Room 105)

A pre-marital marital class provides pre-marital counseling for folks wanting to get married and also serves as a great class for married couples who wish to revisit the Biblical fundamentals of a good marriage. Whether you are looking to avoid potential pitfalls in your future marriage or need to get a tune-up in your current marriage the time you spend in this class will be of great benefit in preparing or improving the most important earthly relationship you will ever have. This is a 6-week class for couples only (engaged or married).

Making Sense of the New Testament - Pastor Mike (Room 106)

Have you ever wondered why the first four books of the New Testament are just four versions of the same story? Or have you ever been confused about where exactly Paul traveled on his missionary journeys? This class will help you piece together an understanding of the New Testament by viewing it from a historical perspective, geographical perspective, literary perspective, and doctrinal perspective.  You'll leave the class with a "GPS" of the New Testament!

Aftermath - Sarah Meis (Room 108)

Victims of childhood sexual abuse have tried looking for answers within themselves or people's theories, but have not found the hope and help they are seeking. That is because only true and lasting hope, joy, and peace are not found within us, but in God who created us. This study will point you directly to God's Word where you will find His comfort and peace.