six Week classes: January 9 — February 13

TIME: 6:45PM to 8:00PM

Soteria University is our adult education program that explores the Bible and Christianity on a deeper level. Soteria University offers classes on books of the Bible and a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, apologetics, finances, and more.

At the heart of Soteria University are core modules that cover theology, Bible survey, Bible study, and personal ministry. Core modules are modeled after the first year of a Bible college degree and allow students to dig deeper by offering optional reading, homework, and a certificate for completion. Core modules are offered on a three-year rotating basis.


Dates: January 9 — February 13

Real Change -  Pastor Trent (Room 105)

Every honest Christian knows the need for change. But how to get there? How do you move forward from struggles both big and small? And how does our faith in God impact our everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions? In this class, students will reflect on one particular area in their lives and then learn more about how God changes us to become more like Jesus. All of us struggle to love God and those around us, but God has promised to keep working on us. And God always keeps his promises. The change that his gospel produces will make your life and your relationships truly beautiful. Cost: $10 per book

Making Sense of the Old Testament: Part 3 - Pastor Mike (Room 106)

Why are some prophets “major” and others “minor”? Why is “Song of Songs” in the Bible? This third and final section of Pastor Mike’s survey of the Old Testament focuses specifically on the poets and prophets. Learn where they fit within the big picture of what God is doing.

Women's study: My King: A Study in 1 Samuel 1-3 - Julie Mason (Room 102)

When Israel asking for a king to rule them, God began preparing to give them one in King David. But he ultimately showed them--and us-- that our real need for a king rests in Jesus. Join Julie Mason for an inductive through the first three chapters of 1 Samuel and study themes of worship through trials, Scripture-fueled prayer, and how God worked out his plan to prepare the world for King Jesus.

Men's Study: Future Men: Raising Boys to Fight Giants - Pastor Zach (Room 108)

"As much as it may distress us, our boys are future men." What does it masculinity really mean? All boys grow up, but do all boys really become men? Join Pastor Zach in this book study on an important topic for our age. We'll discuss how to face the challenges of work, money, sports, and more. While this class primarily address fathers of boys, it's material is helpful for men of all ages. Cost: $12 per book.

My Problems with Believing in God - Cody Dolinsek (Room 101)

Have you wondered sometimes why God allows so much evil in the world?  Have you ever felt that as a Christian, you are not always as kind and considerate of those who disagree with you as you would like to be?  Do you want to witness to others, but find that you are fearful in talking to people who raise strong objections to your faith?  This course seeks to alleviate some of these fears and to equip believers with some helpful tools for confronting the doubts that unbelieving friends and neighbors have, as well as grapple with those doubts when we face them ourselves.