six Week classes: October 24 — DECEMBER 12

Twelve week classes: September 12 — December 12

TIME: 6:30PM to 8:00PM

Soteria University is our adult education program that explores the Bible and Christianity on a deeper level. Soteria University offers classes on books of the Bible and a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, apologetics, finances, and more.

At the heart of Soteria University are core modules that cover theology, Bible survey, Bible study, and personal ministry. Core modules are modeled after the first year of a Bible college degree and allow students to dig deeper by offering optional reading, homework, and a certificate for completion. Core modules are offered on a three-year rotating basis.


Dates: October 24 — December 12

Follow God: Knowing and Doing God's Will — Josh Benton (Room 102)

Is God's will something we discover or do? What is the difference between God's secret and revealed will? How do you know if you are in the will of God? This class will explore both the theological foundation for understanding God's will and basic principles to guide you in life's decisions. 

Job: Does God owe you an answer? — Chaplain David Craig (Room 105)

Have you ever asked God why? You’re not alone. From the very first recorded book of the Bible, we see this question and God’s perspective on the matter too. Come along and be encouraged through life’s struggles knowing God’s in control as Army Chaplain David Craig teaches through the book of Job in six weeks.

Making Sense of the OT, Part 2 — Pastor Mike (Room 106)

When you read a passage of the Old Testament and it tells you to marry your brother’s wife when he dies, it can be tricky to know exactly what to do with the passage. Join Pastor Mike as he shows how the Old Testament is a helpful tool in understanding The Gospel. This class is Part 2 of 3 and will study Joshua through Esther. 

My Role In a Healthy Church? — Pastor Zach  (Room 101)

What does it mean to be a healthy church? This class provides a framework and description of the characteristics to be incorporated into the life of a church. Church members will gain a higher love and appreciation for the church and will be motivated to become more involved in the life of the church.


Date: September 12  December 12

Visual Theology — Josh byers (Room 108)

Get a sneak peak at the new Visual Theology Book to be released next year— Visual Theology: Guide to the Bible!

In this class we’ll be answering several questions with stunning visuals and weekly studies: What is the Bible? Can I Trust the Bible? What is the Bible About? Along the way you’ll find out how the Bible fits together and you’ll see how Jesus is the hero throughout the entirety of the Scriptures.

Soteria Recovery: Stepping Into Freedom Steve Melsha (Room 107)

People--Christians and non-Christians alike--struggle with seemingly unbeatable issues every day. The good news is that there is a solution for people with life-controlling problems. The purpose of Stepping Into Freedom is to help group members develop roots and steadfastness in Christ, so they can confidently master the problems they encounter. Any behavior that causes their walk with the Lord, to not be what they desire. It could be Substance, behavior or relationship in nature.