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Capital Campaign: Building Beyond Walls

Loving God's Presence

Zach Dietrich

Heavenly Father, I pray… Squirrel! Even with the best of intentions, I get easily distracted in my prayer time only to feel guilty about being distracted. And I know I’m not the only one who suffers from chronic distraction. So I’ve come to value simple guides to help me grow in focus. I’ve especially come to value the prayers of Scripture and church history in forming my own prayers.

In conjunction with our building campaign, we’re launching a prayer guide called “Loving God’s Presence.” Loving God’s Presence, named after one of our church pillars, is a print/audio prayer resource to help people take little steps and pray bigger prayers. The format is simple. Read the Scriptures or prayers, and then pause to pray on your own.  In order to make it more accessible, we’ve also prepared an audio version available as a podcast. We’ll build up a small library of resources to help shape your daily prayer life. 

At the beginning of our series on Nehemiah, Pastor Mike said, “Scripture-shaped prayers mold our hearts and move our God.” The first guide follows the prayer in Nehemiah 1. Let Nehemiah’s prayer of adoration, confession, and supplication form your heart. Consider using each guide or audio multiple days in a row to let truth sink deeper.

You can subscribe to Loving God’s Presence through major podcast providers.

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