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Practice – Wednesdays, starting September 20 • 5:45–6:30pm
Christmas Program – Sunday, December 10 • 6:30pm

Our Soteria Kids Choir will start on Wednesday, September 20th to begin practice for the Christmas musical, The Power of the KING.

This choir is for children in Kindergarten–5th grade, taught by Janice Gutknecht. We will meet in the auditorium from 5:45 PM–6:30 PM on Wednesday evenings. Children will meet to practice and then be walked to their Kids 4 Truth classes. If you want your child to participate in our Christmas program, please register.

There will be tryouts for multiple speaking parts, if your child is interested in having a speaking part, have them tell Mrs. Janice on the night of practice.

There will be a Christmas program the same evening for children ages 3-5—more information to come.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Kim Leichty.

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