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Bible Stories for Big Kids – Pastor Zach (Room 101)

Cycle 1: January 10–February 28, 2024 • 6:45–8:00PM 
No class March 6 & 13

Cycle 2: March 20–May 8, 2024 • 6:45–8:00PM

Whether nine years old or ninety, everyone loves a story! We love stories because we love the emotions, the mystery, and the excitement. Who doesn’t love being swept away into an ancient time of giants and swords? Of chariots, Pharaohs, and miracles? We secretly picture ourselves as the underdog who overcomes insurmountable odds. But do we really understand the Old Testament stories? In Bible Stories For Big Kids, Pastor Zach will teach the methods for properly interpreting Old Testament stories and teach a new passage each week. 

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