Pastor Q&A // Part 9

QUESTION: My son wants to marry a divorced woman. Can I attend the wedding/celebration of adultery?

ANSWER: Pastor Mike

This is a difficult question because the prospect of missing a wedding can end in hurt feelings and relationships. The answer is not a clear-cut, black-and-white answer because the issue of divorce is not black-and-white either.  

Let’s start with what we know. We know that God intended marriage to be between  man and a woman for life. This begins in Genesis 2:24 and runs throughout the Bible. The “one flesh” union was not intended to be broken. 

However, Scripture does give some windows where divorce and remarriage are possible. It’s not within the scope of this Q&A to discuss all the possibilities for divorce and remarriage. 

Instead, I’d like to share some potential reasons to NOT attend a wedding like this. I do believe that weddings are celebrations and those who attend are approving of what is happening. 

Having said that, if your son had an adulterous affair with the woman is the reason she divorced her husband, I would be concerned. If the woman was recently divorced, and she was the one who filed and it was simply because she didn’t love him anymore, I would be concerned.

Those are two extreme circumstances that would give me pause on supporting a wedding like this. I would proceed with caution and get further counseling if you still feel uneasy about the subject.