Pastor Q&A // Part 8

QUESTION: What do you do when you see a sin in your husband's life and when you've brought it to him (respectfully) his response is he doesn't feel it's that big of a deal?

ANSWER: Pastor Scott

In our sinful nature, we are blind to our own blindness. Jesus is the healer of the blind. He may choose us to be the instrument by which he causes that blindness to be lifted from our spouses, but we cannot cure that blindness ourselves. In Matthew we are told to confront a brother in sin. This includes spouses. 

It is important to recognize that we are a tool in the process and that we must rely on Jesus to be the power behind the change. The tool may be lovingly and respectfully pointing out a sin, talking about how it is affecting the relationship, and continuing to pray for the heart to be changed. 

I have a friend who shared that she constantly confronted her husband on an issue that was rooted in his pride. The constant battering caused strife in their relationship and only deepened the hardness of her husband’s heart. It was when she resolved that she had lovingly and respectfully confronted her husband, that she committed it to Jesus. Shortly after she gave it over to Jesus, her husband’s heart was changed, and he was no longer blind to his blindness. 

 Praise God you have that opportunity. It is truly an act of love. Be in constant prayer that his heart of stone will be changed to a heart of flesh.